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New Stoddards Building

Located at the northeast corner of Merrill Field on Stoddard Way

After 30 years at our old location, we had to move our business due to the widening of 5th Avenue. Leasing some property at the east end of Merrill Field, we constructed a brand new building.  We now have 10,000 square feet of hangar/store to warehouse and sell aircraft parts and paint products. (Currently, ours is the largest inventory of new and used aircraft parts in Alaska.) If you want to build a cub or just need a part, come in and we will set you up. We have all the parts in stock to completely fabricate a PA-18 les the engine.

Stoddards Aircraft Parts Center was established in 1973 when the corporation was purchased from Wes & Helen Stoddard. Stoddards started with an air taxi, flight instruction and full fledged maintainance/repair station.

The last 20 years Stoddards has been specializing in aircraft parts. Through the years Stoddards has found distributors that supply parts suited for Alaska's demanding needs. Most of the new parts Stoddards sell, come from Univair Aircraft in Denver. Univair has proved to be a reliable source of high quality parts for small aircraft.

The Stoddards staff are experienced and believe in customer service before and after the sale. 

Jane joined Stoddards in the summer of 1981.

Bill and Jane

A much younger Jane and Bill

Bill started out in Aviation in 1958 when he earned his Pilots license. He then went on to get an  A & P license and an Inspection Authorization in the early 1960s.  He started the Parts Store in 1976.
  Team Stoddards  
  At Team Stoddards we strive to do our best, by being knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous.  



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