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We are always on the lookout for New Items that will help improve the Safety and Quality of your Aircraft . Here are a few new items we currently stock. 

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EarthX LiFeP04 Lithium Batteries are extremely light weight, 70-80% lighter than your lead acid battery. Very low self-discharge rate. Environmentally friendly, no lead or acid, non poisionous, non toxic, no hazardous waste. Will not corrode, sulfate or freeze.. Higher starting voltage for cranking engines. Can be mounted in any position. Charges faster than a lead acid battery. Longer life span than a lead acid battery. The ETX Hundred series are recommended for your primary engine aircraft battery. These models come with redundant electronic circuits on the BMS board and have an LED battery fault light indicator to alert you to cell health and state of charge.. These features include over discharge protection,and over charge protection, excessive cranking protection (temperature sensing) in addition to intergrated cell balancing technology. EarthX batteries have wider operational temperature range than other batteries. (-22 deg F to 140 deg F). EarthX has multiple battery lines with customized battery management systems. EarthX has multiple accessories such as Battery Chargers, Assorted Battery Boxes, Led lighting, and quick connect cables. Average 12 volt battery size for a Light Sport aircraft, Cub size, or small Cessna weigh 4 lbs to 6 lbs in weight and average 24 volt battery weighs 8 to 10 lbs. Batteries can be charged with any battery charger except desulfating chargers. STC's are coming.



Bushing Tool

We are carrying this bushing tool from Pierce Aero Company.

Elevator and rudder bushings on fabric covered Pipers, when worn out they are actually replaceable, unlike some other manufacturers. This tool is designed to install a new bushing while removing the old bushing at the same time. It works on both short and long bushings.

We are now stocking Casper Labs 90 Degree Oil Filter Adapter. It is designed as a direct "bolt on" replacement for OEM oil screen housings on  most of the Lycoming engines. It is installed with simple hand tools, and it permits an engine mounted filter where space will not allow the installation of a Lycoming horizontal filter kit. No hoses, fittings or connections are employed as in remote filter installations. The conversion  typically takes about one hour. Gravity draining of the filter makes oil change clean up simpler and less time consuming.  The complete kit weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. (less filter). STC/PMA


Steves Aircraft

1/4 NPT 3/8 Fuel Line 3 OZ System OR 3/8 NPT 1/2 Fuel Line 4  OZ System.  Machined from Aluminum and Anodized.  "O" Ring sealed.  Eliminates troublesome Bail on Piper Cubs.
Fits existing Piper Mounting Brackets.  STC SA01026SE FAA PMA APPROVED. There are now 5 different Models that will fit a multitude of Small Aircraft. Cessna 120's thru Cessna 206's and even some Cessna 310's. They also are approved for America Champion, Taylorcraft, most Maules, Stinsons, and Robinson Helicopters.   Certified AML List available.


Brake Problems: Constantly adding fluid to your original Scott diaphragm or booster brake modification. Not enough braking power from original Scott diaphragm.
Solution: All material CNC machined 6061 aluminum. “Vented” piston design allows for fluid reservoir, never have to worry about adjusting fluid level. Open vent system allows for quick, no drag, brake release. “750 P.S.I.” of stopping power at 100 pounds pedal pressure. (Original Scott is 350 P.S.I.) “1125 P.S.I.” stopping power at 150 pounds pedal pressure. (Original Scott is 500 P.S.I.) Bolts on to existing Scott Master Cylinder. Parking brake is compatible. Must have high-pressure hoses installed. Simple installation. Pictures below show High Pressure Brake bolted to Scott Master Cylinder. STC"d for J-3 thru PA-22.
Steves Booster BrakeSteves brake PA-18

Picture of book

Erection and Maintenance book is a copy of the original manual and the number one source for assembly, maintenance and general servicing of the L-21A which is the Military version, and almost identical to the PA-18 Super Cub.  

We have been using and selling this battery for about 20 years.  Odyssey operates as a Sealed battery, recycling all gases internally.  It is more powerful than the 35-amp wet cell normally used in a PA-18, yet weighs only 15 lbs.  It puts out approximately 680 cranking amps for the first 5 seconds.  After the first 5 seconds it puts out approximately 280 cranking amps, equal to the 35-amp battery.   When fully charged to12.84 Volts this battery will not freeze down to –40 degrees  F. so there is generally no reason to remove it from the airplane in the winter. It is FAA, PMA’d for a PA-18/PA-19 .  It is installed either in the original battery box, or under the front seat.  There are several STC’s to install it under the front seat and the under seat mounts are available. These batteries are also mounted on the firewall of some aircraft where room is available. Aeronca Sedans, Citabrias, Stinsons,etc.  The Cessna 180 and 185’s are generally mounted on the firewall.  These batteries are also used in the original battery box on Cessna 180 and 185’s, and still do a good job of cranking the engine. We have several Cessna 180 and 185’s on floats with the batteries in the original battery box.  These batteries are used in several different types of Aircraft here in Alaska.  Maule, Citabrias, Most Cessnas, Huskys, most Pipers, etc.  However a Field Approval is necessary for any aircraft other then the PA-18/PA-19. Odyssey Battery is classified by the D.O.T. as a Sealed Non Spillable Battery and can be shipped by any type of Transportation.   It is not considered Hazardous Material


battery picture Odyssey Bat on Left           35 Amp Bat on Right

L = 7 9/32 in                          L = 9 7/8 in
H = 6 11/32 in                       H = 7 ½ in
W = 3 1/8 in                          W = 5 1/8 in
Weight  14.7 lbs                   Weight  27 lbs
Because of modern technology, aircraft scales have become lighter in weight and more affordable to own. Here are two of the more popular Aircraft Scales that we stock. More sizes and information are available at Scales4Planes.
battery indicator
3 scale picture single scale picture
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